The Association of Faculty for the Advancement of People of Color (AFAPC) strives to be a community of committed individuals who support and sustain each other professionally and personally, who affirm and hold close our shared identities, who embrace and bridge the unique identities within each of us, and who affirm the importance of building and maintaining a robust community to positively influence the entire Oregon State University community.


We envision a community that provides support, nourishment, engagement, and inspiration for faculty and staff of color, and indigenous, and mixed-heritage identities at Oregon State University.  We believe the strength of the AFAPC community, and the well-being of members, creates capacity for strategic, significant, and purposeful leadership within and on behalf of the entire OSU community.

Guiding Principles

AFAPC strives to provide a climate of acceptance and promotes the principles of diversity and inclusivity.  These principles strengthen our community and are essential to OSU’s academic and social missions and institutional excellence.

  • Community. AFAPC fosters a sense of community and mutual support through social gatherings, networking, mentoring, and coalition building.
  • Accessibility. AFAPC is an accessible presence on campus, with permeable boundaries that allow members to participate as their life situations make possible.
  • Engagement. AFAPC engages with the OSU community on issues of diversity and inclusiveness and welcomes opportunities to support the university community’s learning on these issues.
  • Respect. AFAPC values and respects the experiences of each individual member and each member of the OSU community and is committed to respectful engagement in the pursuit of our mission.
  • Awareness. AFAPC provides a safe and non-judgmental place to grow in our awareness of social dynamics and our own biases.


These guiding principles reflect our intentions and commitment to be a diverse, inclusive, and culturally competent organization.