As of July 13, 2017 AFAPC revised the bylaws.

AFAPC bylaws serve as a roadmap for our mission, vision, and values. The bylaws address activities, such as:

  • governance
  • when and how meetings will be held and conducted
  • how to be a member
  • how steering committee members will be nominated and elected, their responsibilities, and their terms of service
  • voting procedures, such as what constitutes a quorum so that AFAPC can make a decision
  • language that affirms a climate of acceptance and promotes the principles of
    diversity and inclusion while also recognizing that historical barriers exist that marginalize and exclude people and communities from decision making processes due to real and perceived
  • how the bylaws can be changed or amended

Current bylaws here.

Original bylaws and mission statement approved by the founding members of AFAPC on October 14, 1999: Historical bylaws here.